New vs. Used Pallet Rack: Why buy used racking?

You’ve identified the need for additional storage racks in your facility. Your next question may be “Should I be buying used or new pallet racking?” As the market for used or recycled racking grows, more companies are turning to this cost-effective option for growing their storage and operation capacities, both for permanent installation and temporary stopgaps.

What are the benefits of buying used over buying new pallet rack? Why should you consider it?

Used pallet rack is “used” in name alone

While used racking is used, that does not mean it’s low quality. In fact, most used rack is acquired from: 1) companies who are outgrowing their current facilities and need to move into new warehouse space and purchase new rack or 2) companies who are downsizing or going out of business and have rack available for resale. For customers, this means high quality used pallet rack at discounted pricing.

Used pallet rack offers significant cost savings over new

Of course, you want to get the safest racking systems possible for the most affordable prices. Why spend more than you have to? Used pallet rack is a fraction of what you would spend on new rack. With used racking, you can maximize your equipment budget while still getting the same quality and functionality as new. When given an option, most companies will choose to save money with used racking when it’s available and meets their needs.

Variety of used pallet rack systems in-stock and delivered quickly

You can find many varieties of used warehouse racks in stock and ready for delivery, which is ideal if you need racking right away. While there may be some limits to the inventory available, many times you can create a custom solution for your needs based on inventory currently in stock. Need cantilever rack, pallet rack (teardrop, structural, etc.)? Because there’s an influx of rack becoming available in the second-hand market, there’s a lot of variety of racking in stock with inventory turning quickly. And if it’s not in stock, the team at Richmond Rack can source it for you quickly.

Used pallet rack can have a long shelf life

While the used racking sold by Richmond Rack is high-quality and can sustain the manufacturer’s suggested weight and size limits, the shelf life of used rack (and new rack, too) can be extended or reinforced by adding rack repair kits, which can add impact resistance and column protection to your rack system.

Used pallet rack is friendly to the environment

By reusing or repurposing pallet rack, you can meet the environmental goals of your company (or you personally). While cost may be a driving factor in buying used racking, we can’t overlook the impact of recycling racking to extend its service life.

With all the benefits of used racking, you should be aware of the potential drawbacks of integrating used rack into your material handling systems, even if they’re only minor considerations in your purchase decision.

Used rack systems may not have the ideal aesthetic

Many companies don’t care what their rack looks like, and this may never be a consideration in their decision to purchase used versus new rack. But, some companies want to achieve a certain aesthetic when integrating a pallet rack system and prefer racking that is free from scuffs or any visible wear and tear.

Used pallet rack may not be as customizable as you need

If you’re looking for a highly customized racking configuration, a new pallet rack system may be a better option. While Richmond Rack can provide custom solutions based on current inventory or items we can acquire on your behalf, highly specialized installations may require the purchase of new rack.

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