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Washington, D.C., is – it should go without saying – a center of both government and culture for the United States. Less obviously, D.C. is also a magnet for business. Of the more than 20 million domestic visitors it receives annually, 40% are there for business.

In 2014, the Washington Metropolitan Area had a GDP $471 billion, making it the 6th largest in the nation. Many legal and lobbying firms, trade unions, industry groups, and professional organizations are headquartered near Washington in order to be close to the seat of the federal government. Tourism is strong, but so are industries not related to Washington’s history or politics, including finance, education, and research. While the number fluctuates from year to year, more than 15 Fortune 500 companies are based in D.C.’s metropolitan area.

The district was constitutionally mandated as a neutral site for the seat of the new government after the Revolutionary War and, as the nation’s capital, it has a vibrant history.

D.C. is a mere 90 miles north of Richmond Rack’s headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond Rack has been in the material handling industry for over 20. We specialize in new and used rack equipment at affordable prices.

Our mission is to help our clients store and manage their products more efficiently and cost effectively. To that end, we offer custom consultations – we help you configure your warehouses, distribution centers, and other facilities to store and move products effectively.

For storage, we specialize in new and used racking, from wire decking for split- and open-case products to cantilever racks for large and bulky items. To move items through your facility, we offer a wide selection of conveyors and pallet jacks. And to add square footage without increasing a site’s footprint, we offer mezzanines and industrial platforms from every major brand.

To protect your employees, products, and equipment, Richmond Rack also offers a wide selection of guard rails and rack repair equipment.

At Richmond Rack, we do more than provide the materials. We help configure your warehouse or facility to more effectively store and move your products.

Unsure what you need? Contact us today to learn more about our racking applications and warehouse configurations.

We sell only the most trusted brands of new and used warehouse equipment.

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