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As one of the original 13 colonies that declared independence from Great Britain and its king, Maryland has a long and proud history. The first naval vessel of the young United States was built and launched in 1797 from the Port of Baltimore. Francis Scott Key, from a boat off the Maryland shore, was inspired to write the poem “ that later was set to music and became our national anthem. Cumberland, Maryland, was the original eastern terminus of the first federal highway – The National Road (US Highway 40, today) – built between 1811 and 1834.

The many ways Maryland has affected United States’ history are too numerous to count. Perhaps most influential to its own evolution was the donation of land to Congress that later became Washington, DC. While Maryland’s Eastern Shore and Appalachian western counties are less populated and more rural, the state’s politics and economy are largely dominated by the heavily populated central corridor between Baltimore and Washington.

The relationship between Maryland and DC has helped the state retain one of the nation’s most  highly educated workforces. This has helped bring many industries to the area, and this diversity in its economy has helped Maryland weather many economic storms. During the most recent pandemic of 2020, for example, Maryland has “outperformed” the country in terms of growth and stability.

Manufacturing in the state, on average, is increasing, but its largest gains are in the government, defense, and aerospace sectors, as well as bio-technologies and construction. Maryland’s service sector – and especially tourism – is also strong. Visitors can snow ski in the Appalachians, spend time on the Atlantic Coast, visit the state’s many historical landmarks or find their way to DC.

In 2019, U.S. News ranked Maryland the 6th “Best State” when comparing its performance to the nation’s in terms of education, health care, opportunities, economics, infrastructure, security, stability, and the environment.

With our home office located less than three hours south of Baltimore, Richmond Rack has proudly offered material-handling solutions to the Maryland area for the past ten years. Combined, our team has over 30-years of experience in the material-handling industry. Our specialty is matching the needs of our customers to the most appropriate and cost-effective new or used racking equipment.

In metropolitan areas around the country, space is at a premium. Our new and used mezzanines and industrial platforms can solve the problem of expanding your facility without increasing its footprint. By building up into a warehouse’s unused cubic space, more room can be made for offices, storage, break rooms, or operations.

We carry an assortment of conveyors from all the national brands. Whether you need a complex assortment/accumulation system, simple roller&wheels, or something in between, we can help increase your throughput while saving you money and mitigating risks.

A proper selection of racking can further enable you to maximize your storage and productivity. Our cantilever racks are best for awkward or bulky materials such as furniture, lumber, or piping. Pallet racking, on the other hand, helps maximize a facility’s storage capacity and ease of accessibility for order picking. Wire decking and carton flow further optimize your storage and picking capacities.

To protect your employees, products, and equipment, Richmond Rack also offers a wide selection of guard rails and rack repair equipment.

At Richmond Rack, we do more than provide the materials. We help configure your warehouse or facility to more effectively store and move your products.

Unsure what you need? Contact us today to learn more about our racking applications and warehouse configurations.

We sell only the most trusted brands of new and used warehouse equipment.

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