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Montani Semper Liberi – Mountaineers are Always Free – has been the official motto of West Virginia since its constitution was signed in 1872.

Almost Heaven has been the unofficial motto of West Virginia since the 1970’s and John Denver’s release of Take Me Home, Country Roads.

Both mottos refer to a mountainous geography that has determined the economy of West Virginia dating back to colonial times.

Coal production has been the state’s leading industry since the early Industrial Revolution, which the state’s bituminous coal deposits helped fuel. Coal mining still accounts for nearly 2% of the state’s employment, and two of its other three leading industries – chemicals, primary metals, and lumber – involve mining to some degree.

However, over the past several decades the West Virginian economy has begun to shift away from mining. Given the state’s mountainous beauty, a major focus of this move has been tourism. From winter sports to white water rafting, West Virginia is a hotspot for outdoor enthusiasts of every stripe.

At same time, state leaders have begun to recognize the value of West Virginia’s location – it’s within a day’s travel of three-fifths of the major population centers of both the US and Canada. This, coupled with recent investments in the state’s highway system, has helped diversify West Virginia’s economy into industries such as aerospace and automotive technologies, telecommunications, biometrics, manufacturing, and more.

While rail is still a major factor in transporting coal and other natural resources, West Virginia’s new interstate system and comparative location is helping to fuel its manufacturing base.

For the past ten years, Richmond Rack has provided businesses in the Mid-Atlantic Region with material-handling solutions that help fuel growth and innovation. We supply new and used racking and carton flow, rack repair equipment, mezzanines and industrial platforms, and more.

With our team’s combined 30-years’ experience in the material-handling industry, we can match your needs to the most cost-effective solutions.

Mezzanines and industrial platforms take advantage of a facility’s unused cubic space to maximize its effective area. By building up within a warehouse, space can be created for storage, breakrooms, offices, or labor, and the costs of relocating or expanding a facility’s footprint can be prevented.

Our new and used racking can further maximize your use of space and increase your efficiency. Pallet rack is designed to maximize storage of inventory that fits on pallets. The focus here is on uniform, systematic storage and ease of accessibility. Cantilever racks, while still forklift friendly, are meant for large, bulky, or heavy-duty items such as furniture, lumber, piping, sheet metals, and more.

Carton flow racks create a gravity-fed system that allows packages to move forward as items are pulled from the pick face. In high-volume environments with fast-moving inventory, carton flow will increase efficiency and lower the risk of injury or damages.

Our line of guardrails will help keep your employees safe, and our rack repair equipment is a cost-effective, secure way to ensure that your investment last.

At Richmond Rack, we’ll do more than provide you with the materials. We’ll help you configure your warehouses and other facilities to more effectively store and move your product.

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