New Racking for Richmond Company S.G. Woodworks

SG Woodworks

S.G. Woodworks, a company specializing in furniture restoration, modification, and the preservation of antique and modern furniture, needed to expand its workspace to accommodate its growing business and extended service offerings. Richmond Rack helps expand their workspace by installing racking.

After doubling its footprint, S.G. Woodworks was nearly at storage capacity after only a week. Needing to add more storage, without sacrificing workspace, the team recognized an opportunity to go vertical and looked to secure racking to optimize its workshop.

Richmond Rack installed two (2) 4’x8’ racks and one (1) 2’x8’ rack. The 4’x8′ racks are strong and large enough to hold large sofa, or a set of 10 dining chairs, giving back much-needed floor space for the team to work. Further, the racking organizes and defines the space. With one (1) 4’x8’ rack near the entryway to also serve as a display space for finished work, waiting to be delivered. The second 4’x8’ rack corrals the client’s key large upholstery materials, including sheets of foam and rolls of Dacron and cotton. While the third rack, 2’x8’, is used as a workbench with small materials storage on top and underneath.

racking and shelving

“The professional delivery and installation was also key for us working with Richmond Rack – not having to stop production to pick up and assemble the racks and shelves, was a time-saving miracle,” said Erin Till, co-owner of S.G. Woodworks.

“As a small business, having just moved, we weren’t in a cash position to buy brand-new racking. Richmond Rack saved us,” she continued.

Like Richmond Rack, S.G. Woodworks is committed to serving the local Richmond community. In addition to doing high-quality upholstery and restoration work, the team trains new restoration woodworkers and upholsterers and operates an intern-to-apprentice program for women in the community who are interested in seriously pursuing a career in craftsmanship.


A candidate enters the program at the intern level, where they learn processes and materials, and proceed to the apprentice stage when they begin applying those concepts to their own projects and preparing projects for workshop assistants and master woodworkers and upholsterers. By the end of the program, they are prepared to find an entry-level position in a professional workshop setting.

Previous workshop: 1,000 sq ft
New workshop: 2,050 sq ft
Specs: Two 4’x8′ with two shelves with an additional third shelf to be installed; One 2’x8′ with two shelves

Learn more about S.G. Woodworks, their work, and their training program at